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Mortar & Grout Made EASY!

You’ve got it made with the Maxi-Mix® Silo System.

You can have high-quality mortars and grouts at the push of a button with Maxi-Mix® — our turnkey mortar & grout silo and on-site refilling system.

It’s among the largest and easiest-to-use silo systems on the market. It’ll keep your project flowing smoothly 24/7/365, saving you the time, expense and backbreaking labour of on-site mixing.

Standard and specialty mortars and grouts are premixed to industry specifications at our plant, and refills are delivered directly to your job site.

Our premixed mortars and grouts are also available in 30-kg (66-lb.) bags, conveniently delivered direct to your job site.

Learn more about our products and silo system if you want to have it made with Maxi-Mix®.