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Services/Silo System

Get quality premixed mortar & grout in an instant to keep your busy project flowing smoothly 24/7/365, without interruption.

With the Maxi-Mix® Mortar Silo System, you’ve got it made.

It’s among the largest silo systems of its kind on the market, designed to save you BIG time, labour and money.

Here’s why the Maxi-Mix® Mortar Silo is SO much better than the usual bag and bulk systems:

  • You’ll get consistent quality and colour from batch to batch.

    We computer-blend our dry mortar & grout mixes to your specifications in our plant.

  • You’ll save on labour costs.

    No on-site or backbreaking hand-mixing required. No pallets to monitor or bags to rip open. And one operator can supply up to 20 masons.

  • Your job site will be cleaner and more secure.

    No more clutter of pallets or messy bulk bags. Helps reduce loss and theft too.

  • Your mortar & grout mixes will maintain their quality and integrity.

    Our self-contained silos prevent weather contamination and winter freeze.

  • You’ll never run out of product or over-order.

    Our pneumatic tankers will refill on-site to keep work flowing. No switching silos, no downtime. Returned product at project completion will be credited on the Product Cost portion, less a 25% restocking fee. Nonstandard and colour products will not be credited.

  • Cleanup is quick and easy.

    Ten minutes with a hose at the end of the day will keep your project moving the next day.

With Maxi-Mix, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. And we’re always at your service.

  • We deliver a 30-ton silo of premixed mortar or grout to your job site.

    In less than an hour, our specially trained drivers will safely and efficiently set it up in a compact 10' x 10' footprint. Just hook up to water and electricity. Use the built-in auger or your own mixer. Download specs and details.

  • Press a button and the silo starts mixing.

    Adjust the water content and then simply press a button to get tub after tub of consistent quality mortar or grout, accurately mixed to spec.

  • We refill on-site.

    Call us when the mortar or grout level reaches the red line, and we’ll dispatch a pneumatic bulk tanker typically within 24 hours to top up your silo. No work stoppages or delays. No labour required on your part, so no lost or downtime.

Watch this short video to see just how easy it is!